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  • What is Hoopla?

    Overview and Features

    Hoopla is an event management platform specifically designed to give event managers an all-inclusive system for ticketing, registration, marketing, and revenue generation. In addition to the standard functions of a typical e-ticketing system, Hoopla covers all other managerial details from inception to showtime.

    For event managers; this system puts all marketing, ticketing, and revenue generation tasks under one roof. For their customers; Hoopla provides a secure and convenient place to register and buy tickets, shop for merchandise, and learn about upcoming events in their area.

    Ticketing & Event Management

    With the Hoopla platform, you have complete freedom to set your own pricing. Unlike other conventional ticketing systems where the user often pays a substantial service fee, Hoopla is designed so that the user can actually make money on their ticket sales.

    In addition to ticketing and event registration, Hoopla’s package of services can even help promote and market your brand.